About SCP - Second Chance Photography

About Second Chance Photography

Imagine my surprise, no it was really shock, when during a physical exam while living in Arizona, the doctor said we need to redo the EKG because we believe there is a scar on your heart. That is an indication of a silent heart attack. How could this be possible? I have always watched what I ate. I exercise regularly. I do not smoke. She said there is nothing you can do about the genes you are born with. Oh my, that' had to be it.

Over the next months, I had many tests, an angiogram, and then a relocation to Colorado. Once back to the Rocky Mountains,  I was given the go from the heart doctor in Denver to do anything I wanted to. That is when it hit me hard - I truly have been given a Second Chance. I love the mountains of Colorado and have often thought I should try to capture their magnificence in a way far better than the pocket camera I carried around. All of that was the impetus behind the formation of Second Chance Photography.

Chris Wells

In mid-2009, I picked up a Canon 400D (Xti) from craigslist.com, took an initial class at the local community college and the rest is history in the making.  I simply try to capture what I feel when I am out in nature.  To find that others enjoy what I capture is a tremendous blessing.  I hope you can enjoy some of what you see here.

Chris Wells

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